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My Favorite Foods to Get Back on Track

We’ve all had those weekends where we’ve overindulged with food, sweets and/or alcohol, which can make Monday morning a little more difficult than usual. Instead of waking up fresh and ready for the week, we feel sluggish, tired and bloated. Rather than throwing in the towel and continuing to eat energy-poor foods, all you need… Continue reading My Favorite Foods to Get Back on Track

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Have You Tried Infrared Heat Therapy?

Most people are familiar with dry saunas or steam rooms, which are commonly found at gyms, spas and hotels. Many like to incorporate saunas into their routine due to the relaxing, rejuvenating and detoxifying effects. Lately, a recent trend has been gaining popularity due to the endless health benefits: infrared heat. I had never heard… Continue reading Have You Tried Infrared Heat Therapy?

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Your Guide to Selecting a Protein Powder

When people are in a time crunch, they don’t have the luxury to sit down and enjoy a meal, and often times will settle for something quick and processed. Unfortunately, processed foods end up leaving us tired, hungry and sometimes cranky.. So what’s a better solution? A protein shake, which is filling and nutritious. Protein… Continue reading Your Guide to Selecting a Protein Powder

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Diatomaceous Earth…an Unforeseen Wonder Supplement?

“Oh I use to buy that to clean the pool”, says my dad upon hearing the words, diatomaceous earth (DE). Yes, DE can be used for an array of purposes throughout a wide range of industries, such as pest and flea control, gardening, pool cleaners and supplies around the house. But today, I’ll explain how… Continue reading Diatomaceous Earth…an Unforeseen Wonder Supplement?

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Coconut Oil as Coffee Creamer…?

As most of my friends and family know, I’ve always been an avid fan of coffee. This habit initiated back in college with a sweet, palatable Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks, which eventually weaned into a double shot of espresso with a splash of coconut milk or black coffee (when making it at home). Over… Continue reading Coconut Oil as Coffee Creamer…?