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My Favorite Foods to Get Back on Track

We’ve all had those weekends where we’ve overindulged with food, sweets and/or alcohol, which can make Monday morning a little more difficult than usual. Instead of waking up fresh and ready for the week, we feel sluggish, tired and bloated. Rather than throwing in the towel and continuing to eat energy-poor foods, all you need… Continue reading My Favorite Foods to Get Back on Track


Kale, Avocado and Spirazlied Zucchini

A recent trend has been spirazling foods, such as carrots, zucchinis, apples and squash. Spirazling is the art of turning veggies and fruits into noodles to create a healthy, low-carb, low-calorie alternative to pasta. This cooking method creates a gluten-free, paleo, vegan/vegetarian friendly way to eat. You can top with your favorite protein or sauce,… Continue reading Kale, Avocado and Spirazlied Zucchini


Chipotle Sausage Sweet Potato Hash

I love to try and recreate dishes that I see at restaurants by tweaking the ingredients while still maintaining maximum flavor. I’ve transformed this sweet potato hash to be vegetarian and very spicy, yet still full of protein and fiber. This dish is pretty simple to prepare and is versatile in the sense that you… Continue reading Chipotle Sausage Sweet Potato Hash


This Millennial’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Having a nutrition background, people often inquire what I eat for meals or snacks and if I ever eat out. While I occasionally enjoy dining out, I prefer cooking my own meals when ever possible because, not only can I control what ingredients are being used and how much, but I also feel 10x better… Continue reading This Millennial’s Guide to Healthy Eating